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Connect with Muskaan to make your practice an exciting place to work and visit. This initiative helps dentists to increase patient health literacy and ease wait times for patients. It helps to promote their practice seamlessly, creating a higher value in patients mind.

Exceptional Patient Care Starts in the Reception

Dentists can now turn their reception into a lively relaxing patient-education center. On average, patients spend more than 15 minutes in at reception area during each visit. Putting that time to good use with our educational, entertaining and consumer- friendly content plus build your brand in a fun and relaxing way.

Patient can now sit back and relax from the time they walk in the reception area, to the time they spend in the operatory. They will be at ease with the knowledge of the various choices you can offer them.

What is Muskaan

India’s first-of- its-kind digital solution on oral health and edutainment for public

Muskaan is an innovative digital solution to deliver finest and entertaining dental education directly to patients through network of digital displays at dentist clinics in India.

  • Muskaan is full-motion audio/ video out-of –home advertising network.
  • Wellness and oral health care content developed by Indian Dental Association.
  • 5- 10 minutes capsules on various oral health topics preventive dentistry, smoking and tobacco, diabetes, sensitive teeth, brushing, do’s & don’ts, facts & myths and a lot more.
  • Muskaan has its presence in more than 1500 leading clinics in metros and mini-metros across India.
  • 8 hours of clinic time playing 27 topics of dental education on LED TV.
  • 7 Multi lingual (English, Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada ,Tamil & Telgu) videos available to meet the regional needs.

Creating awareness

We have carefully prepared short oral health educational videos for your patients to watch aimed at improving the patient experience, easing anxiety and what to expect when visiting the clinic Successful dental clinical visits require effective communication between the patient and the dentist. “Success” implies that the patient and dentist has developed a “partnership” and the patient has been fully educated in the nature of his or her condition and the different methods to address the problem. This allows the patient to be actively involved in the decision-making process and establishes agreed upon expectations and goals These approaches have been demonstrated to improve patient satisfaction and also allow the provider to demonstrate empathy, concern and humanism. Learning communication skills allows the dentist to build trust, promote healing, and ultimately improve outcomes. Interestingly, not only do successful encounters improve patient outcomes they have also been shown to improve professional satisfaction. These skills lead to professional respect among the dentist’s peers and result in patients seeking care from these dental providers establishment of good rapport with a patient is important.

By providing good patient information, we can:

  • Help to make sure that patients arrive on time and are properly prepared for procedures or operations
  • Give patients confidence, improving their overall experience
  • Remind patients what their dentists has told them if, due to stress or language difficulties, they are unable to remember
  • Enable people to make informed decisions, giving them time to go away, read the information that is relevant to them, and think about the issues involved
  • Involve patients in their condition and their treatment (research has shown that good information can improve dental outcomes and reduce patient anxiety, and patients also want access to it)


It enhances dentist’s image as you take control of the following.

Reception TV

Making the reception area engaging and fun for patients and optimizing the time and reducing office staff redundancy.


Patient Education

Offering finest and entertaining dental education directly to patients which is essential to building patient loyalty.


Professional Network

An innovative digital platform where dentistry joins on topics of interests


Increase footfall

Providing educational information of patients’ interests by giving tips & ideas as they benefit from it immediately and return to your services.

Muskaan helps dentist with the following benefits

  • Decreases perceived wait times
  • Build and strengthen doctor - patient relationships
  • Communicate with your patient community
  • Increases patient recall on treatments & procedures
  • Motivates and increases awareness about latest and existing treatments
  • Develop your clinic's brand image
  • Re-enforces practice message
  • Increases revenues
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Delivers general to urgent messages

Role of IDA

IDA, as custodian of oral health in the country, has been in the forefront of promoting oral healthcare awareness in the country; over the years IDA has initiated well researched case studies on current oral health problems in video format to educate patients on oral Health


Muskaan offers unique features to dentist

Customizable features so can you control what your patients see.

  • Name of practice logo
  • Practice team pictures
  • Practice Twitter and Facebook feeds
  • Run your own custom content
  • Date and time
  • Fun dental trivia
  • Before and after patient photos
  • Live newsfeed


Muskan content is unique

  • More than 40 dentistry-related video content like brushing, flossing, nutrition, oral cancer and many more.
  • Lively, informative and trustworthy content.
  • Segments take a variety of forms from speedy ‘fun facts,trivia and dental news’.
  • Every video is directed by a practicing dentist with dental expertise and premium visuals behind every video to easily engage and educate your patients with confidence.
  • The video collection comes in various regional languages to reach the patient base to the fullest .
  • Stunning video quality with comprehensive content. 3D models, crafted with care are brought to life by skilled team of professionals.

Muskaan Package includes

  • 24” Muskaan TV with one year warranty.
  • 40+ exclusive patient educational videos with Indian case studies.
  • Android app with one year warranty.

Patient Educational Videos

Portfolio Item

Creating Awareness

Portfolio Item

IPTV Display

Portfolio Item

Creating Awareness

Portfolio Item

IPTV Display

Portfolio Item

Creating Awareness

Portfolio Item

IPTV Display

Portfolio Item

Creating Awareness

Portfolio Item

IPTV Display

Portfolio Item

IPTV Display

How is IPTV Displayed?

IPTV can be viewed in several ways. A computer may be used to reassemble protocol packets and convert them into a television signal that can be recognized by standard television set. Another option is the set top box, commonly used by cable companies. The set top box would be used in place of a computer and would do the same job a computer does.


Sponsorship is an effective way of boosting the visibility of your brand among your target audiences, through Muskaan you can reach and sensitize the community at the clinic level about the importance of dental care, while at the same time informing them about your products and services.

Who should advertise?

Anyone who needs a captive and targeted audience - Muskaan is the way to go.

Anyone looking for a captive audience and want to make good use of their media money - then Muskaan is the perfect fit for your brand.

Muskaan promises and can deliver a whole host of unheard of benefits.

Contact Us

  • Indian Dental Association (H.O)
      Block No. 6, 1st Floor,
      386, Sane Guruji Building,
      Veer Sawarkar Marg,
      Opp. Siddhivinayak Temple,
      Prabhadevi, Mumbai-400 025
  • +91 (22) 43434545
  • info@muskan.net.in

Contact the knowledgeable and friendly team at Muskaan who are ever ready to answer your questions and activate your TV connection. Muskaan TV subscribers can install IPTV in their clinic and display educational videos to educate, entertain and engage patients on various prevention methods and treatments of oral diseases.